One unit of National Service Scheme is functioning at the PGP College of Agricultural Sciences, Namakkal since its inception as part of curriculum. NSS programme is offered in the College to the first and second year students. The programme officers will be given orientation training for effective conduct of the NSS programme. NSS regular activities were conducted for 120 hours per year


Yoga for human excellence with 0+1 credit (PED101) is offered for I B.Sc.(Hons) Agri students as a part of their curriculum.

Club activities

The students of our college are facilitated to express the local tradition, culture and mingle with other fellow students through various cultural activities. To motivate the students on this ground, the Student Club dawned from the inception of this college and act as cultural centre of the college. The feelings and cravings of the students from different parts of the country are articulated through various student club activities.