Chairman's Message

PGP College of Agricultural Sciences

Chairman's Message

The choice of institution where you will spend many precious years of your life, is crucial in this fast-changing technology-driven world, your aspirations must complement your choice and declare in a positive manner for all these important questions, which will be instrumental to provide you a bright and prosperous future.

Ask Yourself…

  1. Will this Institution meet my need for Knowledge? YES

  2. Do they have state-of-the art facilities for my learning? YES

  3. Will I get hands on experience to practice what I have learnt? YES

  4. Will I be a Candidate of choice for employment? YES

  5. We, at PGP can confidently say the answer to all these questions is YES

Although discipline is our watchword, a pleasant academic environment pervades the campus. Located in the idyllic surroundings away from pollution our campus offers all the necessities. At PGP, we endeavour to match your aspirations and ensure that you end up reaching whatever you aim.

Wish you the best of learning and Welcome to PGP!