Overview :

Fifteen laboratories and one ‘B’ Class Meteorology Observatory have been established with required equipment and glassware. Each Laboratory can accommodate 40 students per batch to carryout curriculum related experiments. All the laboratories are furnished with essential amenities. The Work Tables in the laboratories are provided with granite top and sinks, coated with epoxy layers. Proper Lab safety and waste disposal system have been established in all the laboratories.

  • Agronomy Laboratory
  • Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics Laboratory
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory

Agronomy Laboratory

Crop production and crop management technologies are taught to the students.

Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory

Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry laboratory is equipped with various instruments required to conduct basic soil, water and plant sample analyses; students are given hands on training on soil sample collection, soil profile description, soil classification, soil testing, soil test based fertilizer recommendation, plant sample analysis, organic manure analysis, nutrient deficiency identification and fertilizer identification.

Plant Breeding and Genetics Laboratory

The laboratory of plant breeding and genetics is equipped to teach and carry out practical classes in fundamentals of botany, genetics and plant breeding and techniques. Students are exposed to derive the knowledge on floral biology, emasculation and crossing techniques, selection and practical application of various breeding methods.

Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory

The laboratory encompasses tools such as tissue culture and molecular biology which are used in crop improvement. Tissue culture unit is encompassed of media preparation room, aseptic transfer room and culture growth room. Students are exposed to various aspects of tissue culture and different culture techniques in practical manner. Students also taught about commercial feasibility of tissue culture techniques, use of tissue culture in the industrial product development and marketing.

  • Seed Science & Technology Laboratory
  • Agricultural Entomology Laboratory
  • Plant Pathology Laboratory
  • Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory

Seed Science & Technology Laboratory

The Seed Science and Technology laboratory is equipped with all equipments, glass wares, chemicals and seed samples. Various seed quality tests such as physical purity, moisture estimation, germination, viability, vigour etc., are being taught. Students also gained hands on knowledge with small project works and commercial seed production in their experiential learning course during final year of their study.

Agricultural Entomology Laboratory

The agricultural entomology laboratory has various instruments to provide an extensive understanding on insect identification, structure, classification and management of beneficial and insect pests. A rich collection of insects in various orders are stored in the laboratory for conducting practical class needs.

Plant Pathology Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with all the apparatus needed for carrying out experimental activities for teaching and demonstration purposes. Students are given with hands on training on assessment of important plant diseases, diagnosis of plant diseases based on characteristic symptoms, causal agents, morphology of an isolated microorganism, immunological and serological characters of the pathogen and on integrated disease management practices and to recognize the impact of plant disease on human affairs.

Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory

Agricultural microbiology laboratory is used to teach basic techniques in isolation and identification of microorganisms from the soil, role of microorganisms in soil nutrient transformation, plant-microbe interactions, bio-fertilizer production and microorganisms in food fermentation and spoilage.

  • Environmental Science Laboratory
  • Horticulture Laboratory
  • Food Science & Nutrition Laboratory
  • Computer Science Laboratory

Environmental Science Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with basic instruments required to conduct soil and water analyses. Training on estimation of contaminated soil and polluted water parameter are given to the students.

Horticulture Laboratory

The horticulture lab is well equipped with nursery tools, garden implements / equipment and other accessories for teaching purposes. Hands-on trainings like terrarium making, dry flower arrangement, bonsai making, and value addition are demonstrated to the students and farming community. The Protected structures like Mist chamber, Polyhouse, Shade net house for commercial plant propagation and nursery maintenance which will update the students’ knowledge on these aspects.

Food Science & Nutrition Laboratory

The food science and nutrition laboratory is equipped with all the apparatus needed for food processing and value addition which enable the students to acquire knowledge and skills in food processing sector. In addition, better understanding of the physical, sensory, and nutritional properties of foods are taught practically to the students. Various food processed products viz., Jam, Beverages (squash, nectar, RTS) are done by students as part of their lecture schedule.

Computer Science Laboratory

Computer laboratory is well established with 60 systems which have modern computer facilities connected to the Internet. The department is committed to provide agriculture based computer education. This lab has 20 Mbps internet connectivity spreading all over the campus established in collaboration with Rainbow Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd., [ISP - Airtel]. Fortinet firewall is installed for internet security purpose and to maintain logs.

  • ‘B’ Class Meteorological Observatory
  • Language Laboratory
  • Digital library

‘B’ Class Meteorological Observatory

‘B’ class Meteorology Observatory installed in the farm provide real time weather information for making crop management and protection decisions.

Language Laboratory

The lab is equipped with a Hi-Class network software which enables the teacher to facilitate several classroom interactions. It is a highly upgrade version of the H1 High class network software capable of carrying out a wide range of operations like broadcasting, intercom, observe, file transmission, recording, G-talk etc., in digital format. In addition, Digital Teacher application with module for Basic grammers, listening, speaking and writing are available for the benefit of students. It has a good amount of authentic CDs on career skills/soft skills, competitive examinations and English language learning.

Digital library

Our College library is digitalized with large collection of books (5460), Journals (15) and E-resources in the field of agricultural and allied Sciences. Barcode online circulation system is in practice. Library Automation software (Digital Lib version 2012) is installed to monitor the library activities.Student’s presence from entry to exit is monitored by using AP laser barcode scanning including the book circulation.

The digital library is furnished with 10 computer systems along with 2.6 Mbps broadband facility, facilitating the students to access e – books, ICAR CeRA - Journals and articles of full text and general knowledge to support the educational & research development activities. Reprographic facilities are also enabled in the library for the benefit of the students.